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The Bologna Construction


The classic elegance of the lines combined with up-to-date designs, the finest Italian quality leathers and the most sophisticated fabrics, the obsessive perfection of the finishes and the extreme comfort of the fit: these are the details that enhance and characterise Superglamourous slippers.

This very prestigious footwear is the handmade product of expert artisans applying the Bologna or ‘sacchetto’ method. Maximum flexibility and the adaptability of the shoe to the foot is ensured, without sacrificing the elegance of classic slippers in any way.

Utilising an ancient technique like the tubular construction, the upper and calfskin lining of each shoe is sewn to a leather insole, forming a bag or ‘sacchetto’ which fits the shoe last like a glove. This results in an improved elasticity in the front part of the shoe. The Bologna construction method partially eliminates the rigid mounting insole, replacing it with a Texon heel pad inserted between the upper and the lining. The shoe gains rigidity in the back part, allowing the heel of the foot to be supported correctly.

Bologna construction requires the use of specific last models without metal components. The leather is hand lasted and then heat moulded to give the shoe the desired shape. The sole, natural leather hand-dyed with a glaze to produce a dappled effect, is then fixed to the upper. The important finishing steps now follow.

The result of this artisanal process – consisting of over ten steps carried out entirely by hand – is a sophisticated, clean-lined, comfortable and extremely flexible slipper.