What Are Mule Shoes For Men?

What Are Mule Shoes For Men?

Fashion can be difficult to keep up with. It’s constantly changing and evolving, making it hard to stay abreast of all the latest developments. It can be even more difficult when the latest trend seems to have no connection to anything else.

It could be argued that this is the case with mule shoes for men. They are distinctively different to traditional men’s shoes. However they are in keeping with the latest fashion which embraces comfort and practicality.

What Are Mule Shoes?

The simplest definition of men’s mule shoes is an open-back shoe. They are designed to be slipped on or off easily, without any fastenings. This means no more bending down to put your shoes on and tie laces or fasten buckles. It’s in keeping with the comfort and practical trend. The good news is the right mules can also look stylish and can accompany virtually any outfit.

Mule shoes for men are a natural progression of slippers, which have been comfortable and practical to wear at home for years.

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The modern mule can be made from rubber, recycled materials, leather, and even suede. To get an idea, just take a look at our Superglamourous Italian mules.

The Difference Between A Mule & A Clog

At first, you may think that the mule is simply a modern clog. They are both without fastenings and serve a useful purpose.

However, there is a difference. Clogs tend to be very supportive and comfortable, ideal for people on their feet all day. Clogs have small or non-existent heels and are considered platform shoes. They are commonly used by health professionals. The classic Croc is a great example. Clogs are technically backless, but some examples have small backs to help hold your foot in place.



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In contrast, a mule doesn’t have a platform base and will have a higher heel. It’s still comfortable and an excellent choice for professionals looking to make a stylish impression in the office or elsewhere.

A real mule never has a back, making it easy to slip on and off.

Getting The Fit Right

If you’re ready to shop for mules then you’ll be wondering: “How should a mule shoe fit?”. Getting the right fit is important to ensure they are comfortable throughout the day.

There are several things to consider when choosing the fit of the mule:


When choosing a comfortable shoe it’s normal to opt for a wider style: this allows your foot to feel comfortable and not squashed. Mules won’t leave your feet squashed. However, because they don’t have fastenings, they can easily come off. In short, you need a width that hugs your feet.

If you have narrow feet, then choose a narrow mule. Wider feet should start with regular, opting for a wide size is rarely a good option. You need to make sure your foot is comfortable in the mule, just touching all the sides.

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Top Coverage

Mules are generally best for men with high insteps and arches. This is because your foot will connect with the top of the shoe, helping to hold it in place. It also helps to have short toes. To help the shoe to stay in place it’s best to choose mules that have plenty of top coverage. Many of the best styles, such as Superglamourous’ Tangerine 7’s, have supports stretching down the sides, helping your foot to stay comfortable and in place.

Sole Thickness

If you’re wearing mules throughout the day or for an extended period, they need to offer comfort and support. Of particular concern is the base of the shoe. You need a high-quality thick sole that doesn’t allow you to feel every stone and crack in the road.

If you’re walking purposefully you don’t want to be wincing every time your foot touches the floor.

Don’t forget, mules for men are not designed to be worn with socks or any other type of foot covering. This would make your foot slippery and you would be more likely to lose your shoe. It also would not look right.

Choose the perfect mule shoes for you!

Mule shoes for men are available in a huge array of styles, from aristocratic to businesslike. You’ll find them a useful addition to your wardrobe and, provided you follow the above guide, comfortable.



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There is no reason not to try this glamorous fashion trend today.

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