The velvet used to make Superglamourous shoes by hand is an extremely soft and luxurious material with a short polyester fluff. The paticularly dense and hairy material gives it a soft feeling and the color changes slightly if it is brushed in different directions giving lighter and darker shades.
Here are the easy steps to clean stains, dust and dirt from your velvet shoes:
1) First of all, set your workspace with dedicated essential products: Cedar Shoe Trees, Omninettoyant® Cleaner by Saphir® and Horsehair Brush.
2) Put the cedar shoe trees into the shoes; if the shoes have laces or embellishments, remove and treat them separately to get them clean.
3) Carefully remove dust and dirt on the upper with a clean cotton cloth. It is very important to carry out this step with precision because any traces of dirt could mark the shoe during the polishing step.
4) Fill a glass with 1/3 of cold water and pour three caps of Omninettoyant® Cleaner lotion. Wet a small brush with the lotion and brush the whole upper with gentle but firm movements. Then rinse the brush bristles with water and brush the upper again. Suggestion: after the treatment with the Omninettoyant® Cleaner lotion fill the shoes with paper towels to retain the shape and absorb any moisture excess.
5) Leave the shoes in the open air (if possible) for six hours until they are completely dry and complete the process gently caressing the velvet with a clean cotton cloth to revitalise the original texture holding the shoe by the heel.

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To keep your shoes at their best - in addition to the proper daily cleaning above - take care to keep them away from direct light (sunlight or artificial light), always use a Cedar Shoehorn and store them with a pair of dedicated Cedar Shoe Trees.
Finally, don't forget the soles that need to repaired as soon as they are worn out: the foot posture will be correct and you will walk better.
What about the toughest stains or damages? Our advice is to contact us to be redirected to an expert shoemaker.

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