Wearing Sneakers at Formal Events

When It’s Okay To Wear Sneakers At Formal Events: The Complete Guide For Men

Not so long ago you would be horrified to find someone wearing a suit or even a smart attire with sneakers on. However, times and fashion change. Today it’s possible to wear sneakers at formal events – but, in order to do that, there are still some rules that need to be followed.

Read our guide to make sure you know when it’s okay to wear sneakers at a formal event.


Shoe First

Before we look at which formal events will tolerate sneakers, it’s important to distinguish elegant sneakers, such as our Tangerine 7.1 Nappa Black Skate, from standard sneakers.

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Elegant sneakers can be worn at formal events, while a classic running sneaker isn’t an option.


Watch The Material

When choosing sneakers for formal events it’s also important to consider the material they are made of. In general, patent leather is an excellent choice: in this way, the shine of the sneaker blends better with formal clothing and enhances the overall look.

Of course, more exotic materials, such as the genuine python skin used in our Maxime Python black high-top sneakers, will help ensure your sneakers look the part.

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If you’re attending a formal event, it’s best if your sneakers aren’t made of synthetic materials.


Keep Them Plain

Any sneaker worn at a formal event should be plain. You don’t need an abundance of colour drawing too much attention to your feet. Stick to one shade and, if you want any additional pieces, choose leather tassels or discreet metal accessories. Our Bruno Velukid Cocoa Skate is a great example of a sneaker that can be worn to virtually any event.

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Go One Shade Darker

Many people assume that when we say “plain colour”, we’re thinking of black or perhaps a dark brown or tan.

However, while neon colours are a no, the majority of the others can be worn to formal events. The key is to choose a colour one shade darker than the outfit you’re wearing.

In this way, the shoes will enhance the look of your outfit without looking out of place.


Stay Current

It seems obvious, but it’s worth saying. For your sneaker to be acceptable at a formal event, it needs to be modern and stylish.

Dirty sneakers, ones that were in fashion ten years ago and ones with brand names etched across them are not the right choice when attending a formal event.

Keep an eye on the most recent styles and choose sneakers which adhere to the latest fashion trends. They won’t just compliment your formal attire, they’ll also help you look fantastic.


Remember Your Socks

In recent years there has been an increase in people wearing ankle socks or even no socks. Exposing your ankles can be fun, but that isn’t the case when pairing sneakers with formal attire.

There’s a simple rule to abide by: the more formal the occasion, the plainer the sock. It’s generally best to choose a sock that matches the colour of your sneaker. It ensures the attention is on your attire and sneakers and not distracted by what’s between them.

Of course, if the event is semi-formal, you can opt for a colourful or even patterned pair of socks. It’s a nice way to express yourself and have a little fun while still looking like you belong.


Beware of exceptions

Done properly, you can get away with a smart pair of sneakers to almost any formal event. However, the two exceptions are black tie events and events which present the specific statement “no sneakers” on the invite.

In all other situations, you can wear sneakers, provided you follow the above guidelines.

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