Introducing The New Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers

Introducing The New Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers

Despite the rise in popularity of sneakers, that have become a popular option and you can see them being worn in a wide variety of locations, the loafer remains one of the most popular shoes on the market.

Superglamourous’ new Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers illustrate perfectly why this is the case and are the perfect choice for the Autumn/Winter season of 2023/2024.



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A Little History

Before we delve into the features and benefits of our new loafer, let’s take a quick look at the history of loafers: this will help you understand why this shoe remains important today.

It all started in Norway, where leather slip-on shoes were the norm. They were both comfortable and practical. As soon as English sportsmen were attracted to the area in the 19th century for the quality of the fishing experience, the loafers were quickly noticed and adopted by the sportsmen.

At this stage, the shoes were liked, but they didn’t become a new in-demand fashion accessory. That didn’t happen until the 1930s when a Norwegian shoemaker merged the traditional Norwegian leather shoe with the North American moccasin.

It was many years later that it became known officially as a loafer, but that didn’t stop the Aurland Moccasin from becoming extremely popular in Europe and the US.

Today, there are many fine examples of moccasins, but few are as impressive as the Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafer.


What's New About The Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers

As always, Superglamourous has taken our luxurious Belgian loafer and improved on it further. It’s still handcrafted using soft calfskin which has been washed to create a stunning wax effect. This is only possible because we avoid using chrome and heavy metals when washing.

As with all our loafers, it’s handmade in Italy: you only have to see the shoe to appreciate the style and the quality of this loafer.

This shoe has been created in a traditional chocolate brown with a small heel and metal horse bits across the tongue area. The piping and bands perfectly match the rest of the shoe, giving you a stylish, yet highly comfortable, piece of footwear.

The details of the Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers

This loafer is designed to work virtually anywhere. With the right outfit, it’s just at home in the office as at a special event.

Calfskin has been used on the upper, trimming bands, and even the lining. The soles are leather and the 16mm heel is perfect for adding a little height without going over the top.

It should be noted that this is made to true size. That means, if you’re usually a European 43/UK 9, then choose that size for your Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers. It will be a perfect fit.


Why Choosing This Shoe

The main reasons to choose any shoe are that you like the look of it and that it’s a comfortable and practical choice. Our latest offering certainly ticks these boxes.

However, there is something else which should always be considered when looking at footwear: that’s who manufactured them and who is supplying them.

In our case, the shoes are handmade by us and sold directly by us: you can effortlessly order online in moments.

Italian Model wearing the Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers

Because we manufacture and supply them, every step of the process is carefully controlled to ensure you get the highest-quality loafers as quickly as possible. We can ship anywhere in the world, and the express option takes 2-3 days.

However, the real reason to choose us when ordering shoes is because of our customer service. We have a dedicated team waiting to help you by email, social media or phone. The response is fast, friendly and very informative.

In short, we care about you as much as we care about the quality of our loafers: that’s why you can buy with confidence.

If you’ve never tried loafers before then you should start with the best. Once you’ve slipped our Tangerine 14 Maranello Belgian Loafers on, you’ll never look back. We’ll even suggest a variety of options that pair perfectly with them.



€420.00Buy Now

Naturally, if you have experience with this style of shoe, you’ll quickly be impressed with how well-made our loafers are. This is a shoe that’s built to stand out for all the right reasons.


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